PVHO Windows

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Hydrospace brings 15 years experience in the design, fabrication and certification of acrylic windows for use in Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy (PVHO). Offering a full range of engineering services with expert knowledge of PVHO certification, Hydrospace serves all ASME-PVHO applications.

Hydrospace fabricates superior quality acrylic viewports for hyperbaric chambers, diving systems, and submersible vehicles, applying the optimum in quality assurance and precision in fabrication to meet and exceed requirements of ASME PVHO-1.

From design and fabrication to repair and hydrostatic pressure testing Hydrospace services all types and sizes of Standard PVHO and Non-Standard windows. This includes a full array of certification and classification inspections for classed viewports to meet requirements for ABS, GL, Lloyds Register, DNV, US Coast Guard, or CISR.

PVHO Acrylic Window Services

PVHO DESIGN & FABRICATION Design, Production and Certification of all PVHO Geometries

Precise and Expert repairs for scratched or damaged windows

Pressure Testing and Certification for small & large windows

Fabrication of Non Standard Acrylic Windows

  • PVHO New Window Fabrication
  • PVHO Old Window Replacement
  • PVHO Design & Documentation QA Engr
  • PVHO Window Modification & Repair
  • PVHO Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
  • Precision Plastic & Composite Parts Fab
  • Non-Standard Windows Fab
  • Custom Window R&D Prototyping