Non-Standard Windows

ASME PVHO only recognizes a narrow set of STANDARD geometries, which include round flat discs, spherical domes and cylinders. All other geometries are considered NON-STANDARD and cannot be ASME PVHO Certified.

Beyond the PVHO Selection, HYDROSPACE also offers full range of high precision acrylic shapes for medical, instrumentation or camera housings. Our in-house control of all processes and machining capabilities guarantees the quality and performance of all custom fabricated components.

Hydrospace Fabrication Certification

Hydrospace produces a wide range of non-standard geometry windows under its in-house Certificate of Conformance. This includes certification that all acrylic materials meet ASME PVHO-1 requirements, and that all the same manufacturing processes and annealing schedules are in accordance with PVHO-1.

Hydrospace provides the following certificates:

  1. HYDROSPACE Certificate of Conformance to Engr Drawing provided
  2. ASME PVHO-1 FORM VP3 Material Certification
  3. ASME PVHO-1 FORM VP4 Material Testing Cert.

Engineering Support

Our collaborative engineering approach is designed for our customers’ needs. Let our experience in Acrylic material and PVHO rules help your team determine the right specifications for your window designs. Our sales and process engineers work with customers on manufacturing and quality requirements, ensuring accurate product specifications and that delivery schedules are met.

Non-PVHO Windows