Business Sectors

 We work with our customers to supply complete solutions that meet their exacting specifications for all harsh environments, in a robust, high reliability, high precision design.

Deep Sea

Manned and unmanned Subsea vehicles and equipment – precision design and engineering, fabrication, and certified testing.

Aerospace & Medical

Hyperbaric and altitude chambers, acrylics, pressure vessels, and high-level electronics – all developed to meet rigorous standards of the Aerospace and Medical sectors.

Oil & Gas

Technologically advanced and innovative products, servicing the Oil & Gas industry – survey, inspection, collection, and recovery.


Acrylics, pressure vessels, and electromagnetic components – from design to conception, including demanding testing protocols and full certification.

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The Business Incluides four Major Sectors

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ASME PVHO Acrylic Fabrication

Acrylic Windows
There are few companies in the United States that offer the full range of design, fabrication, and certification of ASME PVHO acrylics.

Acrylic viewports are used in human occupancy applications or in vessel design applications where acrylic is under high pressure and where human presence in the vicinity becomes a safety concern. This includes transparent vacuum chambers for testing and research, space vehicles or underwater habitats.


Hydrospace provides full engineering services for new or replacement windows, including documentation and certification for a wide range of existing systems that require maintenance, parts, or modifications. Customers may find themselves outside compliance regulations due to incomplete, erroneous or missing certification documentation. In difficult cases, customers have high value assets that require life extension certification or long-term solutions for more effective safety management within their organization. Hydrospace has helped hundreds of customers around the world with their acrylic PVHO windows, repairs, replacements, new documentation, certifications, and a better understanding of the quality assurance program to secure their long-term compliance with jurisdictional authorities.


Hydrospace works with all classification societies when third party inspections and surveys are needed. For many customers, Hydrospace is contracted to do full hydrostatic pressure testing for their windows, simplifying the replacement process. Hydrospace has full ASME PVHO pressure testing capabilities and provides the final PVHO hydrostatic pressure testing certification.


Submersibles & Services

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«HYDROSPACE Group specializes in the design, manufacturer and testing of Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy. This specisalty encompasses submarines, diving systems and includes a range of land based pressure vessels for the medical and aerospace industry»

Hydrospace Group Inc. brings more than 25 years experience in engineering, design, analysis and testing of specialty pressure vessels for the aerospace, subsea and nuclear industry. Design applications include component, assembly, sub-system and systems, involving Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy such as submersibles, medical and diving chambers, and altitude simulators. Our highly engineered solutions find broad application in habitable vessels, oceanographic instruments, with metallic and non-metallic pressure enclosures.

Hydrospace is dedicated to excellence in system architecture, engineering and project management. Through planning, design, supervision and management of commercial and government projects, we have built a solid reputation for providing quality products and engineering services. With its head office in Claremont, California, our company is staffed by an experienced team of engineers and scientists providing mechanical, electrical and structural engineering expertise in the design, analysis, manufacturing and testing services.



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Its long-standing relationship within the industry, placing quality, performance and customer satisfaction as the keystone.

Hydrospace is one of the few independent PVHO specialist companies in the world with more than 25 years’ experience in the design and fabrication of pressure vessels for human occupancy.


This includes manned submersibles, hyperbaric chambers for land applications as well as altitude chambers for aerospace. Hydrospace was founded in 2008, as a subsea engineering and PVHO specialist company – an expansion of SEAmagine Hydrospace Corp, a world leading manufacturer of manned submersibles, co-founded in 1995.


Hydrospace has a long history of continuous participation as member of the ASME PVHO Committee, ABS Special Committee on Underwater Vehicles Rules and DNVGL Industry Committee.  provides a broad variety of engineering services to numerous government and industrial clients.


Hydrospace staff and associates have many years’ experience in hyperbaric chamber design, acrylic windows engineering and structural testing for technical evaluation and certification.


Science & Education

life sciences
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We Know How to do it Well

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