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Hydrospace Group Inc. is working hard to have a complete listing of all documents related to Certification for various government and regulatory bodies. Please bare with us, this information will be available shortly.

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Business Sectors:

Brings together merchants and affiliates without brokers and uses smart contracts to ensure transparent and fair deals

PVHO & Acrylic Windows

Design and fabrication to repair and hydrostatic pressure testing Hydrospace services all types and sizes of Standard PVHO and Non-Standard windows.

ElectroMechanical Systems

Design, production and quality control delivers Brushless DC motors for a wide range of thrusters, pumps, and drive systems on ROVs, AUVs and Manned Underwater Vehicles.

Submersibles & Services

Turnkey Manned Submersible Operations for Equipment Test & Evaluation, Eco-System Survey & Remediaion Surveying, Filming, Submerged Oil Recovery.

Science Education

High School Engineering and Science Education through Marine Biology and Underwater Vehicles. infinite number of opportunities for there is much to be discovered about marine life.

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