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ASME PVHO Acrylic Fabrication & Services

Hydrospace provides customers the necessary PVHO equipment, certification and documentation to deliver products or provide end-to-end systems for installation that meet all levels international regulations. Whether the application is subject to NAVSEA SOC P9290 certification, commercial IACS Classification societies or special project requirements, Hydrospace’s full design and fabrication capabilities works with each client to deliver the best acrylic products you will find. Contact us and we can discuss large and small details alike. 


Hydrospace is an internationally recognized expert on ASME PVHO engineering, Fabrication, Certification and customer satisfaction. Hydrospace Medical has more than 25-year experience in human occupied pressure vessel systems and regulatory expertise, we have developed strong relationships with our customers in design and fabrication of ASME PVHO pressure vessels and components for the aerospace, oil & gas industry, medical and manned submersible applications worldwide.

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