Defense Vehicles

Hydrospace Group Inc, given specific expertise and experience, has been involved with many components and groups, focused around Commercial and Defence submarines. This includes innovative engineering and design, precision fabrication, certified testing with respect to ASME PVHO and other governing bodies and organizations, such as ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) and NAVSEA.


Commercial submarines provide a role in multiple areas of the subsea industry including training, rescue, and operational services such as surveys and inspections, collection, filming, and more.

Submarines for the Defense sector encompass ultra high-level design and robust vehicles capable of meeting the demands in harsh environments, such as personnel deployment vehicles for military purposes, or sub rescue, utilizing rescue subs to rescue stranded sailors from larger naval submarines.


These submarines also feature many advanced features such as high surface speeds and extended range/endurance, as well as extremely high-level navigation and electronics systems.

Due to the confidential and sensitive nature of these vessels and projects, public exposure is limited, further information can be provided upon request, as verified.

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Defense Vehicles
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  • 2 or 3 passengers (including 1 pilot)
  • 100m to 500m depth ratings
  • Up to 12hr endurance
  • American Bureau of Shipping Classification

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