Luxury Subs

Exploring the worlds oceans from the comfort of a luxury submarine is absolutely amazing!


Meet the Aurora – a luxurious line of manned submersibles providing unparalleled comfort!


For nearly 3 decades, SEAmagine Hyrdospace Corporation has been designing, fabricating, and operating manned submersibles for a variety of markets. The luxurious Aurora line, available in 3 to 7 person arrangements, provides an elegant, air-conditioned cabin, and the most spacious interior of any other submarine in its weight category. From the ergonomically designed leather seats, passengers can safely and comfortably enjoy a 270° view of the most fascinating environment on earth. Upon descending into the darkness, the abundant lighting onboard brings all of the amazing marine life into focus, just outside the bubble.


Other standard features such as high-tech electronics and system monitoring, advanced safety features, simplified user interfaces, pressure balanced lithium-ion battery system, complete underwater navigation and communications equipment, abundant power and propulsion, and the ability to add and remove additional equipment as needed. The Aurora truly delivers the best performance for any client.

Luxury Subs
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  • 2 or 3 passengers (including 1 pilot)
  • 100m to 500m depth ratings
  • Up to 12hr endurance
  • American Bureau of Shipping Classification

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