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About Us

Hydrospace Group Inc. is an internationally recognized expert and full-service engineering firm, specializing in several core areas – pressure vessels for human occupancy (PVHO), electromagnetics and electric drive systems, high torque motors and actuators, and robust systems for harsh environments. As a global leader, Hydrospace brings over 25 years of experience focused primarily in the aerospace, subsea, medical, oil & gas, and transportation sectors. A full, end-to-end provider, from complete design and manufacture, to testing and certification, including all required documentation to deliver products that meet all levels of international regulation.

The PVHO division at Hydrospace provides equipment, expert certification, and documentation, for any and all ASME PVHO products and components, with complete in-house testing and quality assurance program. This facilitates a one-stop shop for the customers and eliminates additional third-party involvement, allowing for a smooth and seamless transaction, resulting in cost-effective solutions and high customer satisfaction.

Hydrospace has been providing robust products and systems for harsh environments with precision design and high reliability for hundreds of clients in many industries globally – for over 25 years. Given the expertise and experience, Hydrospace also provides complete end-to-end services for PVHO acrylic windows and view ports, hyperbaric chambers, altitude chambers, diving bells, non-human occupied pressure vessels, robotics, power storage, and more.

Hydrospace Mission

To continually provide high-reliability products and systems to our clients around the globe, while steadily increasing our knowledge base, building on our 25 years of experience as an internationally recognized expert in our field.

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Why Choose Our Company?

Hydrospace Group Inc is a world leading, full-service engineering firm, specializing in components and systems designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions due to extreme temperatures, stress, pressure, or mechanical loads.

Our experience speaks for itself!

Precision Design and Fabrication
Experience, Knowledge and Innovation
Experts in ASME PVHO Regulation and Certification
Full-Service, End-To-End Production
Subsea, Aerospace, Medical, Oil & Gas, Transportation
Complete Quality Assurance and Certified Testing