BDC Gear Motors

The HYDROSPACE Servo Gear Drive actuator series is a high efficiency DC brushless servo motor drive integrated to the latest in planetary gearhead technology to deliver high precision output torque for deep ocean motion control. These are designed for wheel drive systems or position control of control surfaces. The SGD series actuators features accurate speed control at low speeds and precise output positioning. The three phase BDC motors are designed to perfectly match the gearbox characteristics for low acoustic noise. The planetary gearheads integrate the latest technology to reduce heat and wear and provide less than 3 arc-minutes of backlash in a compact form factor, where space is important. The drives are very quiet and efficient. These actuators come is a range of sizes for various output torque needs and motor voltages. Hydrospace custom designs BDC motors to match the needed Voltage supply. All actuators are oil-filled, and pressure compensated, rated to a depth ranging from 500-1000m. 

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performance table bdc

Servo Gear Drive - Performance Table

servo gear drivers

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