Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Subsea Batteries

Subsea Batteries

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HYDROSPACE offers a full range of Pressure Testing Services ranging from small flat windows to larger pressure vessels and large acrylic domes. With 15 years experience in PVHO window fabrication and ASME Pressure Vessel Hydrostatic testing, Hydrospace offers complete certification conformance according to ASME PVHO, ABS, and US CoastGuard requirements.




In most cases it is easy for clients to test the PVHO windows as part of the complete pressure vessel hydrostatic testing. In some cases, where this is not practical, HYDROSPACE provides a full range pressure testing services to ASME PVHO as well as ABS, GL, LR, or DNV rules.

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ASME PVHO Testing Certification

All pressure vessels and all acrylic windows must be pressure tested in accordance with the ASME PVHO-1 requirements. Complete pressure test requirements are described in the ASME PVHO-1 Manual in Section 2-7.


The basic rules are:


  1. Each window must be tested at least once before going into service
  2. The window is to be tested in the chamber, or in a test fixture with seat dimensions, retaining ring and seals identical to the chamber.
  3. The test can be done with gas or water
  4. The pressure is to be held at the design pressure for a minimum of 1 hour followed by a depressurization rate of less than 650 psi/minute.
  5. The temperature during the test shall be the design temperature for which the window is rated with a tolerance of +0/-5°F

PVHO and ABS Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Hydrostatic Pressure Test of
Acrylic Pressure Vessel Under ABS Survey

Post Hydrostatic Test Inspection of PVHO and window under ABS Survey

Signature of PVHO Form VP5 by ABS after successful test

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