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Pressure Vessel Fabrication & Services

HYDROSPACE Group specializes in the design, manufacturer and testing of Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy. This specisalty encompasses submarines, diving systems and includes a range of land based pressure vessels for the medical and aerospace industry. Hydrospace systems are designed, tested, and certified in accordance with the ASME PVHO-1 standard.

Hydrospace Group Inc. brings more than 25 years experience in engineering, design, analysis and testing of specialty pressure vessels for the aerospace, subsea and nuclear industry. Design applications include component, assembly, sub-system and systems, involving Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy such as submersibles, medical and diving chambers, and altitude simulators.

Our highly engineered solutions find broad application in habitable vessels, oceanographic instruments, with metallic and non-metallic pressure enclosures.

Hydrospace is dedicated to excellence in system architecture, engineering and project management. Through planning, design, supervision and management of commercial and government projects, we have built a solid reputation for providing quality products and engineering services.


With its head office in Claremont, California, our company is staffed by an experienced team of engineers and scientists providing mechanical, electrical and structural engineering expertise in the design, analysis, manufacturing and testing services.


Backed by 25 years of regulatory expertise, we offer solutions for all types of mission critical and high reliability pressure vessel applications in compliance with ASME regulations and international classification rules (ABS, DNV, GL, LR, USCG).

Is designed to simulate the cabin of a commercial space craft, holding a 10-person crew. The chamber provides exceptional visibility inside and out during simulation of flight ascent/descent pressure profiles to an altitude of 100,000 ft. In the case of the SSPV-100K the main design feature was the ability of the system to depressurize the complete cabin in less than 8 seconds, and provide full diameter openings at the front and back in order to roll-in/roll-out different spacecraft cabin arrangements.

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