ASME PVHO-1 Standard

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ASME PVHO-1-2019
Safety Standard for Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy

By: American Society of Mechanical Engineers [ASME] PDF & PRINT Version


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THIS IS FOR: PVHO Designers, Engineers & Fabricators

If you are designing windows, pressure vessels, chambers of any form of modern pressure vessel which is used with human occupancy inside or in the vicinity, this is an essential engineering document to read, understand and follow its guidance. ASME PVHO-1 is the Safety Standard for designers and fabricators. Knowledge of this standard is not optional. It is the only true guidance the engineering world has to maintain safety in a wide range of space, navy, land, medical and subsea applications, especially when it relates to transparent pressure boundary elements, commonly known as windows. There is a lot to know and there are many professionals able to help guide the full understanding of its content, but it is an essential reference document on the shelf.

William Kohnen, President

Hydrospace Group

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Fabrication  Certificate

Each Window is uniquely identified and must have its own Fabrication Certificate, provided by the window manufacturer

Design Certificate

A  Design Certificate defines window geometry and max rating , provided with drawing by window designer

Material Certificate

A material Certificate of quality in compliance with requirements of ASME PVHO, provided by the window manufacturer

Material Test Certificate

A Test Report of actual acrylic lot used in fabrication to confirm it meets PVHO specs, provided by the window manufacturer

Pressure Test Certificate

Each window must be hydrostatically pressure tested before it is put in service. Performed by User or by the window manufacturer


ASME PVHO-1-2019
Safety Standard For Pressure Vessels For Human Occupancy

This Standard provides requirements for the design, fabrication, inspection, testing, marking, and stamping of pressure vessels for human occupancy, having an internal or external pressure differential exceeding 2 psi. This Standard also provides requirements for the design, fabrication, inspection, testing, cleaning, and certification of piping systems for PVHOs. A PVHO is a pressure vessel that encloses a human being within its pressure boundary while it is under internal or external pressure that exceeds a 2 psi differential pressure. PVHOs include, but are not limited to, submersibles, diving bells, personnel transfer capsules, decompression chambers, recompression chambers, hyperbaric chambers, high altitude chambers, and medical hyperbaric oxygenation facilities. This does not include nuclear reactor containments, pressurized airplane and aerospace vehicle cabins, and caissons.


Publisher: American Society of Mechanical Engineers [ASME]


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