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ASME PVHO-2-2019 Safety Standard for Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy

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Once PVHO systems are installed and put in operation, there are a great deal of safety guidelines for the maintenance, inspection and handling of the systems, pressure vessels and windows. ASME PVHO-2 is the standard reference for Users and Operators for servicing guidelines. It provides guidance on maintenance schedules, inspections and life evaluation of acrylic windows. It also provides all the necessary forms to integrate in the Owner’s Maintenance Plan for each system. If you operate, maintain or own a PVHO chamber or system, this is a Top Priority document to have in hand and judiciously follow its recommendations.

William Kohnen, President

Hydrospace Group

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ASME PVHO-2-2019
Safety Standard For Pressure Vessels For Human Occupancy: In-Service Guidelines

This Standard provides technical criteria and guidelines for the operation and maintenance of PVHOs and PVHO systems that were designed, constructed, tested and certified in accordance with ASME PVHO-1. (b) This Standard provides technical criteria for the user to establish the serviceability of a PVHO acrylic window under its specific environmental service conditions. Windows in protected environments as well as those in severe environments are addressed. Judicious use of this Standard will allow the user and/or the jurisdictional authority to determine when a PVHO acrylic window requires replacement.


Publisher: American Society of Mechanical Engineers [ASME]


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