Work Subs

Subsea work and scientific research/exploration in the world’s oceans is best done by actually getting in, below the surface, and taking a “hands-on” approach.


Given the environment, the most unsurpassed method is by utilizing a manned submersible specifically designed for the task and environment.


Both the Ocean Pearl and Triumph models, from SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation, are incredibly robust and proven designs that have more completed dives than any other research submarines in their class – over 12,000 dives!


Abundant power and propulsion systems, ability to carry extensive equipment for a wide variety of subsea tasks, 2 or 3 passenger arrangements and depth capabilities to 500m; these “workhorses” are exceptional in all ways.


Standard compliment includes an air-conditioned cabin, prolonged endurance, extensive lighting, dual frequency sonar, complete underwater navigation system with surface tracking, underwater communications, and enhanced safety features and redundant systems.

Work Subs
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  • 2 or 3 passengers (including 1 pilot)
  • 100m to 500m depth ratings
  • Up to 12hr endurance
  • American Bureau of Shipping Classification

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